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200mm Ashing System (DAS2000)

Product Detail Information
  Introduced in 1997 and designed for photoresist strip providing high productivity and low CoO/CoC performances. Featuring modular design of mainframe and two single type process chambers configured with downstream microwave plasma module on top of each process chamber.

DAS2000 system provides a compact system design with high repeatability and residue free process using microwave plasma source. DAS2000 system integrates the production proven technologies to offer high throughput implant strip and post etch clean process solution. The downstream microwave source delivers the excellent process control and damage free to the underlying exposed film.

DAS2000 system also provides photoresist popping free solution in high dosed implanted process with ISBP (In-Situ Bake Process) which is solely company patented.

DAS2000 Specification
System 6 ~ 8 Inch wafer
Electrical requirement 208 VAC, 3 Phases, 5 Wires
Temp. control range 80~300C 
Dimension (mm) 890W x 1,900D x 1,970H
Transfer system Two cassette stages ,Dual arm robot
Cooling stage One water cooled cooling station
Power Source Microwave 
Software Window NT base
Throughput 120/Hour (Mechanical Throughput) 
Process gas O2,N2 (N2/H2,CF4 is optional)
Application High Energy / Medium Current / High Dose Imp / Gate / Bit Line / Capacitor / Contact / Via / Pad / Descum