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300mm Ashing System (TERA 21)

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Introduced in 1999 and designed for FEOL photoresist strip providing high productivity and low CoO/CoC performances. Featuring modular design of mainframe, it is consisted of standard two process chambers and max. three process chambers can be configured with. Each chamber processes two wafers at a time with high throughput.

TERA21 system uses two different robotic systems in order to transfer the wafers from FOUP to process chambers. The MASIC (Multi Axis Synchronized Interpolation Control) Robot in EFEM module and advanced four paddle robot in transfer module that provides ultimate robust hardware repeatability and production worthy in 300mm Ashing System. TERA21 system has shown reliable performance for one and half years in mass production

TERA21 system also provides photoresist popping free solution in high dose implanted process with ISBP ( In-situ Bake Process ) which is solely company patented.

The downstream microwave source delivers the excellent process control and damage free to the underlying exposed film.

OCR & Aligner is available to trace every wafer's ID thru Buffer Stage. Smart IN-Line Wafer Trace System dose not make any throughput loss.

TERA21 can provide Less CAPEX ,No Popping , Low Damage, Traceability and Reliability.